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Who is Jizo?

Jizo is revered in Buddhism as the protector of all those who suffer. When we wear a Jizo pendant, we may feel more grounded, whatever the day brings, as we awaken our Jizo-nature.

Who is Chibi?

Chibi is Japanese for “little one” and represents the child in all of us. Chibi reminds us to care for our inner child by placing it in Jizo’s care.

Who is Valerie?

Valerie Johns is a mindful psychotherapist, writer, and artist. She created this site introduce you to Jizo, to share her Blog for Inner Peace and encourage you to cultivate that peace by wearing her Jizo and Chibi jewelry.

From the Blog

I walked into March, 2020 feeling young.  In the abrupt sheltering of the Pandemic, I slowed down and began what
I hunted for folks writing about Fitbit burnout and couldn't find any. Really?  Tons of critics re: having to re-boot
Take Steps
Tis the season for... feeling lost, untethered, confused, rebellious, angry, scared, brave, foolish, reckless, paranoid.  Feel free to add to
Oh, gosh, but I wish the phrase Happy Holidays were not so loaded with tension and expectations.  As you read

If you are seeking a Jizo pendant or piece of art, please visit my Etsy shop.

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