We are living through unprecedented times.

More than ever, we need someone to listen. Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves tell a caring ear what is really going on with us. If we make the courageous decision to enter therapy, we are betting on ourselves that we can heal… in a therapeutic relationship.

I am always honored to be part of someone’s journey, honored to help you understand the story of your past and help you to co-author the next steps you take.

Because psychotherapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist, it is important you feel a connection with your therapist and sense that your therapist has your best interests at heart.

Everyone I work with is a unique individual with a history; with dreams, anxieties, wishes, goals, values, needs and fears.

I work in many modalities. Sometimes we need action-oriented change before insight arrives. Others may need to have a deeper understanding of themselves, their patterns, their resistances before they can take any action. I tailor each of my sessions to your individual needs and strengths.

There is Awareness. Acceptance. Action. Not always linear, not the same for everyone.

Through the process of expanding upon your inherent strengths and developing insight and awareness, you are able to move into a more empowered state. In this empowered state you are able to better manage symptoms as well as experience relief from symptoms, develop coping skills, confront behavior patterns, change negative self-perceptions, and connect with your authentic self, all of which help you to lead a more enjoyable and gratifying life, a life in which you are able to fully participate.

I am not an expert on you. You are. I am here to hold a space for your answers to be heard, for you to hear the authentic voice within you.

I’m glad you reached out. I hope your time is now.