About Me

I have been a licensed marriage and family therapist in Hermosa Beach for 30 years. I have trained in and practiced clinical hypnotherapy during the entire course of my career. Additionally, I taught graduate students for a dozen years which allowed me to become well-versed in treatment modalities I had not originally trained in. I have taught writing to adults and children, helping them to find their authentic voices.

I am also a writer, an equestrian, a wife and a rescue-dog mom.

I love my work and am grateful for the vast network of people who have allowed me to walk part of their path with them. I am honored to hold a safe place where you can experience yourself unconditionally, authentically.

I have seen people experience relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression (both clinical and existential), PTSD, identity crisis, addictions, attachment trauma. I have walked people through marriages, child raising, divorces and deaths. It is truly humbling to watch people in their work reach new levels of personal and professional growth, enter into and maintain recovery from addictions and eating disorders, operate from a more enlightened and powerful place, find profound new meanings in life, engage in more effective communication with self and Other, discover personal values, needs, desires, hope and experience e more love in their relationships.

While I specialize in working with trauma, relationship and attachment issues, grief and loss, I have also helped people claim the spiritual center within themselves, overcoming addictions and compulsions they could not control without such help.

I have worked with students in public and private schools, colleges and universities and enjoy helping people navigate their education, whatever stage they are in. There is a therapeutic aspect to being a learner in life, an active observer, witness and participant.

I have practiced meditation for many years and have helped many people understand the process of meditation, and how we might tune our minds each morning so that we may spend the rest of the day a little less reactive and a little wiser and kinder than we would be without the practice of meditation.